Serge Basque
Serge was born in Grande-Anse, New-Brunswick. He has strong family values and is really proud of his family. His wife, Annie and his two teenagers Thierry and Guillaume are all working hard and contributing to the success of the enterprise. At Cavok, Serge is responsible for managing, marketing, operations and business development. He is passionate about the beer industry and has been brewing since the 90’s. He visited a large number of microbreweries in Canada and the United States. He also graduated from the Intensive Brewing Course at CarMic Consultation Inc. in the province of Québec.

Serge has been an air traffic controller since 2002 and still is at the Moncton ACC. On a day to day basis, is able to take and apply multiple strategies under a large amount of stress. He graduated from Université de Moncton as a civil engineer. He also contributes to the industry and the region by being on the board of directors of Food and Beverage Atlantic. You might have seen him on stage or heard him on the radio because he is part of a now retired and well known Acadian band.
Serge Nadeau
Serge is a New Brunswick Native that grew up in Dalhousie. His duties include operation, distribution and administration tasks. He is passionate about the beer industry and has been brewing for over ten years. Also, he has been an air traffic controller for over 17 years and still is at this time. On a day to day basis, Serge is able to take and apply multiple strategies under a large amount of stress. Serge has travelled all over the world and visited a tremendous amount of microbreweries. He graduated from the Intensive brewing course at CarMic Consultation Inc. in the province of Québec. Serge learned a lot about the business world with his dad, who owned multiple businesses.
Ben Ellick
Head Brewer
Ben Ellick is a New Brunswick Native that grew up in Miramichi. His passion for brewing began as a homebrewer before leaving to gain professional experience in western canada. Ben attended Olds College for brewing before working at numerous breweries across the country. When it comes to brewing he believes it's important to both honor traditional styles and techniques as well as embracing new and emerging methods and recipes. He has been with the brewery since it was 1bbl in a garage and helped to assemble the new 15bbl system and location. He has enjoyed the challenge of working to establish the brewery and brands over the last two years and looks forward to its future growth.
Guillaume Daigle
Guillaume Daigle grew up in Pointe-Sapin, New Brunswick, and after graduating high school, he obtained a Bachelor of Pharmacy Degree at the Université de Laval. It was around this time that he was introduced to home brewing by his brother and quickly developed a passion for it. After purchasing his own brewing equipment and making a few different beer kits, Guillaume started doing in-depth research into the process of beer making and realized how limitless it can be. Brewing allowed him to combine his talents for science, creativity and manual labour. He decided to pursue a career in brewing and, in 2017, he obtained a Graduate Certificate in Brewing Science at Bishop’s University. Shortly after graduating, he was hired by Bore City Brewing where he worked as the Head Brewer until joining CAVOK Brewing in early 2019.
Taproom Manager

Annie is originally from Paquetville. Spouse of Serge Basque, co-owner of Cavok, her feminine touch makes her the perfect addition to the enormous success of the microbrewery.

Before immersing herself in the beer industry, she completed a bachelor’s degree in Nutrition from the University of Moncton. She then dabbled in a few jobs related to her sector of education. Later on, she receives the most important job offer of her career, that of a stay-at-home mom. Even the most determined of moms cannot slow down time and when Thierry and Guillaume reached the ages where her services where less and less retained, Annie returned to the workforce as an educational assistant with the “District scolaire francophone Sud”

In September 2019, Annie joins the Cavok team as taproom manager. Full of energy and ambition, she wears multiple hats such as employee manager, inventory and purchasing manager as well as responsible of accounting. The impact of female consumers has grown in importance in the craft beer industry and at Cavok, Annie is ensuring it’s continuous evolution.
Come to our taproom and meet our excellent servers. This team is as diversified as our beers and will know how to best meet all your beverage needs! They are thirsty to serve you and will be your direct link to our master brewers. Therefore, feel free to ask them all your questions and entertain them with good beer conversations.

We now ship almost anywhere in Canada!

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